National Centre for Asbestos Related Diseases

Australia-Asia Asbestos Research Cooperative (AAARC)

This Cooperative is based on the following points:

  1. Asia is predicted to have an epidemic of millions of asbestos-related cancers in the next few decades due to the continued widespread use of asbestos. Millions of tons of asbestos are still imported and used every year.
  2. It is important that clinicians, scientists, epidemiologists and others work together to improve prevention and management of asbestos diseases in Asia. The Australian National Centre for Asbestos Related Diseases (NCARD) has developed the Australia-Asia Asbestos Research Co-operative to share their experience, information and other resources with those in the region who have responsibilities in this field.

The Director with medical staff at University of Indonesia, Jakarta

So far this collaboration has involved;

  • Visits by NCARD members to Indonesia to give lectures and talk to students and junior respiratory doctors about asbestos and other occupational lung diseases;
  • Provision by NCARD of a Training Fellowship for junior doctors or scientists to come to Australia to learn about research into occupational lung diseases, particularly asbestos diseases.


We are keen that countries in the Asian region work with NCARD to develop the skills and experience required to avoid or to manage that upcoming epidemic. The Australia-Asia Asbestos Research Co-operative will help that process enormously. If you wish to register your interest, please complete the AAARC Registration Form


For the NCARD Australia-Asia Asbestos Research Cooperative Training Fellowship or other training opportunities contact Tracy Hayward.


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